Current Projects:

Furyman (android, ios, pc) (100%!)


Oxenout (pc, mobile) (70%) ( page)









KanaHero (pc, mobile) (10%) ( page)


Alastal The last Dream (pc, mobile) (10%) ( page)







Peepy Kart (android, ios, pc) (25%)


Alastal Project (PC) (10%)  Facebook


Epic Frog (android, ios, pc) (80%)



Wanna be a Janidoctor (pc) (GGJ 2020) 2nd place

Wanna be a janidoctor Dragwa Games Thailand


Ommmm (pc) (GGJ 2017) 2nd place

Ommmm Dragwa Games


Epic 90’s Journey (pc, 3ds) (canceled) ( page)




Shadow Hand (2016) Download


Alastal: the last battle for the glory of sunshine (2012) Download


Trashball (2012) Download

Fanart (2008) Download


Zygmunt Podbijacz Kosmosu (2008) Download


Wielkonocna Misja (peepy) (2007) Download



Worms War (2004)

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